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I have been trying to be a creator since I was 18.. give or take an year or two.

I remember was still in its infancy, and I started with a blog. I remember it to be about the future of mankind and AI. I was really proud of my work, and published it. Then waited for it to be read.

Hardly a handful of people read it.

I published a second blog.

This time, the numbers were even fewer.

Grudgingly, I posted a third post.

This time, the numbers were a bit higher, but not up to the…

Getting back soon. Stay tuned.

We are almost at the end of the IPL 2019 season, and the evenings for the past 2 months have been mostly been spent in front of a screen watching your favorite team play.

Though, as the title of this article might suggest, I have kind of stopped paying heed to the game.

Ok, before you crucify me for not being a lover of the game, let me clarify that I have nothing against the game or die hard fans of the game. All I am saying is I have lost interest in following which tournament is going on, or…

I started researching on the topic of China and its investments when I saw the research that 44 of the top 100 apps trending on google play store in India were from chinese companies.

Stories of Chinese companies investing and picking up equities in the biggest of Indian companies and eating up market share in industries with Indian contemporaries was fairly commonplace.

China funding most of the US economy is a known story. But as I dug deeper, I realized that these stories were just the tip of the iceberg.

Chinese Investments across the globe:

Driven in part by Beijing’s “Going Global” strategy that encourages…

The internet has been going on about data privacy issues on the social media networks which have become a standard go-to for all of us in our daily lives.

In the aftermath of the Cambridge Analytica scandal, Facebook, Twitter and Google were summoned by governments across the globe. While they might have been put on pedestal and questioned about their business practices, nothing came out of it. Mainly because the network giants were able to convince everyone, that while they are processing the data given by the users of their platform, the users are giving this data out of their own free will.

This is because there is an option on the platform from which they can either delete their history or turn off the data sharing. If people…

Recently Facebook announced their entry to the crypto-currency space with the announcement of Facebook Coin. While many experts in the space are calling it a fake-crypto move by facebook as it just mimics the stable coins but does not have its decentralized properties, it still has the potential to change the crypto currency game.

What is it?

Facebook specialized team is making cryptocurrency for Whats app that will let users transfer money on its Whats App messaging app, focusing first on the remittances market in India.

Remittances are said to be the first space which will see a mass adoption of blockchain as…

PubG fever is in the air.

The delerium has reached to levels where a teenage has even committed suicide when he was not allowed to play the game. And while this might be an extreme, people prioritizing playing the game over other daily stuff is commonplace now.

In this scenario, it would be interesting to understand what exactly is it about the game which does not let you keep your phone down.

Source: PubG Website

About PubG

For those who do now know how about the origins of the game, this video should fill you right up:

The origins of PubG

Numbers & Stats:

  1. PubG PC early Access…

So recently, I became a paid customer of ET Prime, The Premium Version of the beloved Economic Times.

Now, I am already a paid member for The Ken and Caravan, and had been resisting the interesting articles which ET Prime journos had been churning out in the recent months.

I finally gave in when I saw one of their stories on Ludo King.

While I was browsing through the articles, I was pleasantly surprised by the product and its features and how each feature was thought through before implementation.

Now, I am not going to be talking about the content…

2005 was the year when Youtube launched.

Back then, torrents were the preferred medium to acquire content you cannot lay your hands on otherwise. They were shared with friends using P2P networks like DC++ and shareaza. Though it took 2–3 hours to download one film, but you could find anything there.

However, with Youtube, and later with OTT platforms, Convenience of finding everything under one roof and instant gratification changed the game.

The early Years

In the earlier version of Youtube, you could watch anything, get music videos for songs you had only heard of, watch the rarest of documentaries in one platform…

I have not known any better.

I have been smoking since the last 15 years almost now. The month I left home for college, I started smoking. I still remember the first drag that I bummed from a batchmate in college. I even practiced smoking alone at my room so I can finish a whole cigarette alone.

So, I have never really lived alone without smoking in 15 years. A constant companion, I do not know how it feels to not smoke, and face the usual situations that I face in daily life.

I did not quit somking as a…

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